My journey as an amputee had begun after I sustained a major trauma injury nearly 4 years ago. Not only had I received an RBKA, I also have a fused left foot and a spinal fusion. This has slowed down my ability to mouse around the mountains with a heavy backpack! But, it has not by any means stopped me. With my first foot being a carbon type, and not knowing what really was available as I was a newbie amputee, on paper it basically sold itself to be what I was after in a prosthetic foot. Yes, it had done the job but was not comfortable or smooth enough for the lifestyle I was trying to return too.

This foot didn’t give me a smooth gait, let alone the ability to look at something and say to myself: “I can do that without being in pain later.” Over a short period of time, I wore that foot out, it showed signs of pitting in the carbon from all the sand and all that comes from being at the beach or river. Eventually, I cracked the foot from, well, just living my life.

Then, the best thing ever happened to me, my prosthetist advised me that I needed a RUSH Foot. My next leg build would allow me a new lease on life, as an active amputee. The first steps for me, to this day, were one heck of an eye opener. The smoothness in my gait exceeded all of my expectations of what an artificial foot could do. This gave me a whole new idea of what we as leg amputees can do; a massive uplift. I can now look at things in confidence and give it a crack, knowing I will be home again without experiencing pain in my residual limb.

Since having my RUSH Foot, I have been able to attack the Whanganui Journey twice, go mountain biking, go swimming in the surf, head down at the skatepark with my kids, even scootering alongside side them, and back in the bush tramping. All of these achievements are due to many things, like determination, strength training, correct fits from the prosthetic team, and the underlining ability of the RUSH Foot.

I’d thought it was safe to say I’d found what worked best for me…but then came the RUSH ROGUE!  Again, another level of comfort, with the added torsion, even just getting in and out of the car was more comfortable. This foot gave me back overnight trips, in a hut with nothing but a pack on my back. The comfort traversing the bush’s rugged terrain was already there, but now with even more dynamic movement to help navigate in the bush. I was more than happy with the RUSH HiPro, but with my lifestyle, the RUSH ROGUE exceeds my expectation of what a prosthetic foot can do for me.  Be sure to watch this video of me putting my RUSH ROGUE to the test!

For me, the search for the right foot has ended. After a day’s activities I can come home with plenty still left in the tank. This week, I am confident to have a first crack-up on the ski fields of the Central North Island…RUSH Life!

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