We all have those moments in life where we feel like we’re in a big hurry to get nowhere.  Burning the candle from both ends.  Stuck in the mud and spinning the tires. The little things become much bigger things; the dryer stops drying your clothes and now only functions as a tumbling device for wet laundry and you don’t have the time or money to fix it.  Life can get overwhelming pretty fast.

Wait, don’t fret!  I have a solution.  It’s quick, it’s relatively easy, and amazingly cheap. GO OUTSIDE!  That’s right, take a step outside your door, walk the neighborhood. Take a walk in the woods near your home.  Don’t have any woods nearby? Take a walk in the local park.  Too cold? Take a walk through a quiet museum in your area.  Avoid shopping malls, they will only drain your wallet and increase your aggravation.  We are searching for a place of Zen.

You may find that getting outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle, to be alone with your thoughts, gives you a calming effect.  You’ll be more relaxed enjoying nature’s hustle and bustle.  So, take a moment for yourself.  Get away from it all; clear your head.  Find solace in learning that life isn’t a race with a finish line, but a journey of lessons with some AMAZING views!

When I venture out to clear my head, I’m always sure to take some key items with me, including some must-have prosthetic supplies. You can see what I include by watching my video here.  I also need to take the length and duration of the trip into account, so aside from my prosthetic supplies, sometimes I have days’ worth of food, water, and clothing with me.  Take a moment to review this Backpacker’s Checklist, also be sure to check out this guide for useful information on selecting the right backpack for your trip and how to pack it with proper weight distribution.

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