Holy Geez, 2016 has been a wild ride, it feels like a world away and lifetime ago that you began.  During my travels with you I found a great new home, an amazing new job and we’ve had adventures that I can hardly believe.  You brought interesting new people into my life and escorted a few, who needed to go, to the door.  You showed me a new world and helped me find my place in it.  For some reason, you also led me to a face-off with a coyote and made me think it was a good idea to touch a scorpion; now I know why that’s not something people do.  I’m not going to lie; you were also a little scary at times.  However, that could mostly be chalked up to fear of the unknown.  You were certainly full of that.

I have grown a lot during my time with you and learned so many things about myself.  I am braver, stronger and more confident because of our time together.  I ran races that I didn’t think myself capable of, hiked in the rugged desert, and literally climbed mountains.  I was able to do all these things because you made me better than I was before in so many ways.

There were times when I honestly couldn’t believe how good things were going.  I kept waiting for the bottom to drop out of it all and send me plummeting but instead, things just kept getting better.  If there was only one message about our time together that I could pass on to others, it’s to never lose hope.  I am 44 years old and I just found my place.  I found where I am supposed to be and I feel, for the first time in my adult life, that I am home.  I have always felt like a bit of a wanderer, a lost soul.  I was always looking off into the distance; searching for something to soothe this little ache in my heart.  Searching for that little piece of me that seemed to be missing (no, not my leg).  Well, thanks to everything you brought my way, I found it.  The best part of it all is that through all these amazing adventures my best friend, Nacho, has been right there beside me.  The smile on his face has been nearly as big as the one on mine.  So, thank you 2016 for all the awesomeness you’ve brought my way!

Ok, enough of this emotional seriousness.  This is my first Christmas in Arizona and I feel like I should spread some Holiday Cheer!  Now, if Nacho and I can just find our elf costumes.  What, you don’t have one laying around, too?  Want to see mine?  Check out the video accompanying this blog as Nacho and I spread some holiday cheer and positivity.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! … from Marky5Toes and his Sidekick Nacho!

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