When the weather turns cold, our desire to be outdoors may wane a little bit. We prefer the comfort and ease of warm weather activities. If you are from the north, like I am, that can leave nearly half a year wasted by not being outside. The truth is, with the proper clothing and winter gear, the outdoors can be a peaceful and majestic place during the colder months.

The key is to use layering to dress for success and survivability!

Base Layer: This is the layer closest to your skin. As you move around, even in cold weather, you will sweat. Choose a fabric like Merino Wool which will wick away moisture from your body. Some examples may be: underwear, thermal underwear, and shirts.

Middle Layer: In this layer you will get the most warmth. Depending on your activities and the temperature you will want to search for the right combination of lightweight yet warm clothing for your torso and legs. If you are going to be super active, like cross country skiing, go with something lightweight so you don’t overheat and sweat too much. Sweating can lead to hypothermia when you have stopped your activities and lose warmth. You’ll be wet, and soon cold. Look for something with Thinsulate material for these uses.

Outer Layer: This layer is called your “Shell” layer, a winter coat or jacket. Its primary purpose is to block the wind and stop the rain from soaking through to your inner layers. The best combination is something that is breathable yet water proof. They allow your own body heat and sweat to evaporate as needed while keeping the weather out. These layers are pricy but can be worth the investment, especially with repeated usage.

Waterproof boots with great traction are also a necessity when enjoying the outdoors in colder, snowy and wet climates. Be sure to check out the video I made to go with this blog about traction in slippery, winter environments. Also, keep in mind good pair of merino wool socks will go a long way to keep your feet warm and dry while you enjoy nature’s cleansing season.

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