Let’s Get Moving!
Fitness and Nutritional Guidance
… a monthly blog featuring RUSH® ReBELLE Jenny Pollreis (aka PegLeg Trainer)

Ready to Make A Positive Lifestyle Change and Get Yourself Moving?

After a motorcycle accident in 2001, Jenny Pollreis faced limb-loss and underwent a transtibial amputation in effort to restore her quality of life. While facing the major life changes and insecurities an amputee encounters, Jenny sought a way to regain control of her life and in turn, change the lives of others. As a below-knee amputee, Jenny waded into the waters of fitness and nutrition.

As we aim to bring you a monthly blog on a variety of topics relating to amputees and adaptive athletes, we’ll be sharing Jenny’s exercise and nutrition tips, and a host of other topics geared at making you a more active amputee; with that said, Let’s Get Moving!

Jennifer Pollreis is a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Group Training, Competitive Coach, Competition Posing Coach, and offers nutritional advice for muscular gain or weight loss. Anything your body needs, she is here to help!

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To contact Jenny:
Instagram: @peglegtrainer