I walked up to my sink and brushed my teeth; I rinsed and dried my hands.  Then, as I was turning to leave the room, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and turned to have a look.  I stood there for several minutes looking at this person looking back at me.  I almost didn’t recognize him.  I looked at the gray creeping across his hairline.  My eyes traced each scar meandering down from his head and across his face.  I looked at the wrinkles and smile lines that edged his mouth and eyes.  His eyes looked both bright and a little tired at the same time.  They say the eyes are windows to the soul, so I decided to have a look. 

I traveled down the path of his life in a blur of motion and sound before all fell silent. I stood there in the space between heartbeats and felt the power of his life about to unfold.  There was a flash and I then began traveling along the days he’d lived.  I watched as each life event, both epic and mundane, unfolded before me.  I watched as he reached out to the world.  I watched as he learned to love, I watched as he wept in the corner; learning what a broken heart feels like. 

I watched every day roll by.  I watched as he made mistakes and I watched as he tried to grow and learn from them.  I watched him soar and I watched him fall. Tears welled up in my eyes at some of the more tragic events but then I smiled as those more noble played out before me.

As I watched each moment of his life, I witnessed a scene in which he would leave this world in a most horrific way. I viewed the adventures he had elsewhere and I watched him find his way back.  Then, oh but then… I watched him learn to really live.  I’d seen him fall so many times, yet each and every time I saw him get back up.  He struggled some of the times, and often, I didn’t think he would make it, but there he was, back on his feet.  With that smile, always that smile, spread across his face.  He had learned a secret that most people, sadly, never do.  He had learned that life is as amazing as you will let it be. 

Then, in another blur of motion, I was back.  I stood there, again looking at this man looking back at me and I wondered: had it all been worth it?  All the obstacles, all the smiles, all the agony…had it been worth it?  All the days of frustration and tears, all the years of struggling to become a new person, had it all been worth it?  To bring me here, to this moment, looking at the man looking back at me, had it all been worth it?  To make my way from where I was to where I am now; to be transformed from who I was to the person looking at me, was it all worth it?  A mischievous grin spread across both our faces, as in a hushed whisper, three words filled the silent void in the room: “oh, but yes.” 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I believe I will heed what that man has taught me and go do something fun.  Life is a gift; it is a blessing, and often, our time here is all too brief.  Don’t spend it wishing things were different and lamenting what may have been.  Enjoy each amazing day and draw breath in. Life IS what you make it. Watch this video and have a listen while I share more of my thoughts in the video portion of this blog. 

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