If you’re anything like me, this time of year it’s a hard task to “Get Moving.”  Not only do we have to deal with work and the kids going back to school, fall is time to start getting yourself and your home ready for the changing seasons.  We may find ourselves thinking “I’ve been on the move all day, I’m tired”; that comes naturally at this time of year.  Most of us deal with time zone changes and the days getting shorter which can affect our body’s internal clock.  Add in the changing weather and again, there are days like today where I wonder: how can I “Get Moving” when everything else is slowing down.

Do you notice pain or soreness in your joints when the weather changes, or a storm is coming?  That’s barometric pressure at work.  Your joints may not be the only part of your body affected by the weather, if you’d had other accidents that left nerve damage, you may experience weather-related symptoms in the affected area.  Many variables can affect body changes.  Temperature, wind, cloud cover, rain, snow, you name it.  No matter what climate we live in, we’re likely to feel some sort of effects from the changing weather.  Storms and cold weather can bring on soreness and pain; that’s why I dislike cold weather.  Anyone who knows me will hear me complain about the cold non-stop between September and May.  Last month I talked about excuses and the importance of breaking through them.  I’ll eat crow in this blog; I BLAME THE COLD!

If you’re like me and hate going out in winter, getting to the gym can be a chore.  I’ve made this video of some exercises you can do without leaving your house, using just your body weight, with or without your leg on.  It’s time for an introduction to Pilates.  The most important thing to remember with Pilates is that you must put your “mind over the muscle.”  Just like a baby learning to walk, this is how Pilates teaches you to control your muscles so that you have better balance, all over body strength, and muscle control.  Remember when you were in Elementary school doing physical education class and everyone was throwing their body all over just trying to do sit-ups?  How much of that movement do you think was your core (stabilizer) muscles and not gravity or momentum throwing you around?  Probably none!  It doesn’t just happen in Elementary school. We may see people of all ages using a pulling and jerking method that can hinder you more than help.  We already hurt because of the weather and/or missing limb, let’s not add to it.

Now you may be asking “what does the weather have to do with Pilates?”  Time for one of Jenny’s magic tricks; the answer is quite simple to explain.  If our leg(s) start to have spasms, you can use the same method you used to control your body movement to help control and calm down these muscle spasms. You think I’m crazy now don’t you?  Well then, let’s incorporate this workout into our daily routine, and show mother nature who’s in charge!

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