The Levi Kane Story

“RUSH Foot® is going to change your life. It’s amazing. You’re going to be able to do anything. The sky’s the limit.” says Levi Kane, an above-knee amputee. After a traumatic motorcycle accident, Levi Kane faced the uncertainty of life as an above-knee amputee and the unknown obstacles that accompany such an event. Kane is a young man who thrives on testing the limits of his physical capabilities at work or at play.

As a restaurant employee on his feet for 13-hour shifts and a competitive athlete, Kane prefers his RUSH Foot® to maintain his physically demanding lifestyle.  “The mid-stance, the slow walking, the fast walking, running, jogging… whatever you want, it’s there. I haven’t found a flaw yet.” 

For someone like Levi , an ordinary prosthetic foot will not suit the high-level activity of his life. That’s why he chooses the RUSH Foot®. “I control my foot, rather than my foot controlling me!” Kane says. With the flexibility of his RUSH Foot®, Levi now has the ability and confidence to overcome any obstacle.