Question: Is the RUSH Foot® Collection CE Mark Compliant?

 The PROTEOR USA RUSH LoPro®, RUSH HiPro®, RUSH Chopart®, RUSH ROVER®,  RUSH Kid® and RUSH ROGUE® products are CE Marked based on compliance with the statutory requirements under the medical devices directive 93/42/EEC. The letter from our Dutch authority can be found on this page. The PROTEOR USA CE declaration of conformity confirms compliance of our products with the relevant statutory requirements, policies and procedures outlined in the PROTEOR USA Quality Management System. 


Click here to view the letter from our Dutch authority.

Click here to view the Declaration of Conformity.

Click here to view the product listing addendum- Effective June 29, 2017.

Click here to view the product listing addendum (RUSH Foot Chopart Plate)- Effective October 25, 2017.


Question: Are RUSH feet reimbursed in France as Classe III ?

Yes, effective July 4, 2017, the French authorities will now reimburse the RUSH HiPro® and RUSH LoPro® feet as Classe III.  This has been published as an official law in the French law diary.  View here: 


For more information, please contact our official distributor for France, UK, Ireland and Benelux... Ortho Europe  via tel: 04 67 99 88 55 or email: 

Question: Is the RUSH Foot® nearly indestructible?

Yes, the RUSH®  Foot is made from a unique space-age material.   The material is a  glass composite material that is extremely flexible and durable, thus making the RUSH® Foot nearly indestructible. Check out the video below that demonstrates the durability of the RUSH Foot®!


Question: Does the RUSH® Foot "soften" over time?

"No, like most other composites, our glass fiber composite does NOT 'soften' or 'relax' over a period of time, due to extended use. This issue refers to the hysteresis, or energy return of the composite."

Question: What are the key differences between a carbon fiber foot versus the RUSH Foot®

Check out the Carbon vs RUSH Foot® document here.

Question: How does the RUSH Foot® flexibility compare to carbon fiber?

Question: Does the RUSH Foot® have a "dead" or flat spot?

No, the RUSH®Foot does not have a dead spot. The RUSH Foot® replicates the ankles flexibility and roll through motion to create a stride with no dead spot. Our proprietary sole plate is designed without an inherent arch providing a continuous and rolling point of contact throughout the entire prosthetic step, making it the smoothest most effortless foot available on the market today.

Check out our RUSH® Foot Step Analysis here.

Question: Why is the plantar flection bumper only attached to the keel/instep?

The bumper is only attached to the keel to allow the sole plate and the bumper to separate at terminal stance and toe-off.  This allows maximum toe deflection and rotation at the toe for a smooth roll-through.  It also allows the sole plate to rotate more freely for multiaxial rotation.  The overall result is a highly compliant toe-off with smooth action. 

Question: What makes the RUSH Foot® great for all terrains?

Due to the unique design, the two composite segments are buffered by a rubber molding that prevents any abrasions from occurring. This is a result of having no bolts, screws, fasteners, or overwraps like competing feet. The majority of carbon fiber feet have multiple bolts, screws, fasteners or overwraps that allow dirt and debris to compromise the carbon fiber. These extraneous parts always create stress points that further compromises the durability of carbon fiber.

Question: Is the RUSH Foot® waterproof?

Yes, the RUSH Foot® is 100% waterproof. Unlike many leading carbon fiber feet that are water resistant, the RUSH Foot® provides the ability to be fully submerged in water. This is a direct result of the radically simple design of the RUSH® foot.  The radically simple design of the RUSH® foot departs from the use of distal bolts, screws, fasteners, or overwraps. Unlike competitor’s feet, our composite never comes in contact with itself anywhere on the product or under any circumstances. This makes outside dirt or debris incapable of acting as an abrasive and causing any type of failure.

Question: Is the RUSH Foot® shell available with a sandal toe?

The RUSH®  Foot shell is currently not available in a sandal toe option.  

Question: How do I maintain the RUSH Foot®?

The unique design of the RUSH Foot® makes it virtually maintenance-free.  If you get debris in the foot shell, a simple water rinse should suffice.

Question: How much does the RUSH LoPro/HiPro/Chopart/Kid/ROVER/ROGUE cost?

Please contact the RUSH Foot® distributor in your area or contact us directly for more information on pricing. 

Question: Is there a trial period?

Yes, your patient may be eligible for a 60-day trial of the RUSH Foot®.  Contact the RUSH Foot® distributor for your area or call us direct. 

Question: How do I order the RUSH Foot®?

There are several ways to order the RUSH Foot®.  Feel free to call us at 001.855.450.7300, fax your order directly to 001.480.361.4526, submit your order online or contact the RUSH Foot® distributor for your area.

Question: What is included when I order a RUSH Foot®?

RUSH Foot®, Spectra sock, foot shell, heel wedge and proximal adaptor. 

*The heel wedge and proximal adaptor are not included with the RUSH Chopart® Chopart.

Question: What is the proper placement of the heel wedge?

Please reference the RUSH®Foot instructions for use document for more information.

Question: How do I properly align the RUSH Foot® for my patient?

Please reference the RUSH®Foot instructions for use document for more information.